Newborn Studio

Storks Photography has a new home Studio located in Casey, Bookings must be made before your newborn is 2 weeks old, the best time to book in is when you are in your 3rd Trimester. This way we can capture all those newborn features that disappear in a very short amount of time. During the session, we take a variety of shots including individual newborn close-ups, full body, 2 Props, & then Parents, Siblings & Grandparents. (Immediate family only).

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Storks Home Studio


Welcome to Storks Studio. From the moment you step into our studio we want you to feel just like you are at home, so you can use this time to relax and switch off. Be completely present in the moment for your family photos then… we want you to have some one on one time with your partner and simply ‘kick back’. We will be your baby sitter for the next hour!


Beanbag Backdrop


We have a wide variety in our colour beanbag backdrops. This is what we pretty much base your Session on. Once you decide on the colour you want, we then style your session base around this colour. & thats it.

Prop Backdrop


We make 2 unique Prop Backdrops just for you, So no one will ever have the exact same one as you, which makes this even more special We will select colours that suit your beanbag Backdrop colour. This way all your images belong together & will look spectacular on your walls or in an album.


Family Portraits


I have a Beautiful & Elegant Grey Chase for all the family to sit on with The background in One of our 4 colour backdrops Grey, White Black or Mocha. Don’t stress about having your photo taken, We will be guiding you all the way  into flattering positions and quite simply, all you need to do is bring the love and just look at how beautiful your baby is.

What should I wear?


The number 1 question we get ask all the time is what should i wear? Don’t worry too much i will be breaking this down before your session to make it easier for you to be able to decide on what to wear. But here is just a few of some of the ideas i will be sending you.