About us

Storks Photography is a newborn photographer that comes to you while you are staying in the hospital. No need to go anywhere, it all happens right in the comfort of your room.

Storks Photography is owned and run by Kristy Farrugia, a professional Photographer specialising in portrait photography. She finds pure joy in photographing gorgeous ‘squishy’ newborns and is professionally trained in newborn positioning and care. She has extensive experience working within both Calvary and Canberra Hospital with 100s of happy clients.

Kristy is a mother of three, so understands newborns (and their new parents) need care, patience and a gentle touch. Her warm, friendly nature will immediately put you at ease and ensure your session is relaxing and hassle-free.


How long is the session?

About 1 hour. I take photos for 25–45 mins and then spend 15 mins showing you your photos and helping you choose a package if desired.

Should I feed my baby beforehand?

Whether you are still in hospital or coming back to the hospital later for your session, I will plan with you to take the photos after your newborn has had a good feed and is sleeping, so they are nice and settled.

Should I put my baby in an outfit?

As clothes can sometimes date, I prefer newborns to be naked with just a nappy on. I hide the nappy with your choice of coloured blanket. But with that being said, I can take photos of your baby in one outfit, however please be aware I do not change their clothes as they tend to wake up and become unsettled.

What if my baby is unsettled?

I will always try to get at least a few photos so you have something, as you don’t have to buy a package and can purchase a single photo if you prefer. If your baby is very unsettled we can book for another day. Babies are usually unsettled on day 2 and 3 as they are starting to wake up a little and are usually waiting on your milk to come in. In saying that, not all babies are the same.

Can I get some family group photos with their siblings as well?

Yes, I do family and sibling photos, but please be mindful I work in school hours and your other children will need to be there at the time of the session.

But I look a mess!

It is completely your choice if you want me to take photos of you and baby or just baby. I only do portrait photos from your chest up, with baby laying on top next to your face. I will try to tidy up your hair and you can always just have a black and white photo of you. Remember, it is nice to be in the photo as you will always have them as a beautiful memory of the time you just became a new mother or father – that only happens once in your child’s life!

Will you edit the photos?

No, I try to keep your photos as natural as possible. I have been professionally trained, so I don’t need to photoshop my photographs and it also speeds up the time for you to receive your package and/or prints. However, if something is bothering you, please talk to me and I can help or photoshop out.

Do you photograph special care babies?

Yes. If you would like us to photograph your special care baby, it is best done when your baby is closer to being discharged from the hospital, and all drips and tubes are removed. I will be happy to arrange for your photos to be taken in the Nursery or on the ward.


“I’m so pleased with my photos of my new baby boy, Kristy was very patient and professional and made myself and my baby feel so comfortable during the photo shoot.” – Sharna

“Thank you for a fun session! You made us feel at home and really relaxed. Very professional and hospitable. We are really happy with the photos.” – Nadia

“Kristy was extremely patient, gentle and kind with our newborn and the photos are amazing! Highly recommend! We’ll most certainly be using her services again in the future! Thanks Kristy!” – Amber

“Thank you for the beautiful photos you took of Matilda. You put a lot of time and effort in to make sure they were perfect.” – Yevette